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FogBugz and Kiln Quick Start

This course is for people who are either considering purchasing FogBugz and Kiln or who have bought it and want to maximize their return on investment by using its full capability.

The goal of this packed course is to demonstrate every major feature of FogBugz and give you a chance to play with the features in a safe and supportive environment.

The course is strictly limited to 8 participants and this will allow the trainers to provide you with personal advice about how you can best use FogBugz and Kiln for your business.

We also offer on-site training and implemenation services and this course gives you a chance to meet our consultants and see the way that we work.

Registration is from 09:00, the course begins at 09:30 and officially ends at 17:00.

Modules include:

  • An introduction to FogBugz and Kiln
  • Questions and Answers
  • FogBugz practical
  • An introduction to Kiln
  • Kiln practical
  • Using FogBugz for Project Management
  • Supporting customer services
  • Plug-ins and the XML API

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