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Partner Network

Project management is nothing without the skilled people who can create the project deliverables. We have a network of trusted partners* who we can call on when your project needs them.

Some of our Network Partners are listed here:

Enterprise Software Development

  • Mark Drew is CEO of Railo's UK organization. Railo delivers enterprise software solutions using the ultrafast Railo Server.
  • Cemal A Bayramoglu is the founder of jWeekend. jWeekend develops enterprise Java and Scala software and provides training enterprise software development.
  • Chris Saltmarsh is CEO of Farpoint Limited. Farpoint is expert in enterprise Java development and specialises in high volume messaging systems.


  • Tina Louise is Managing Director of Voxtive and is expert in all aspects of SEO and social network marketing.
  • Alison Roux is a copywriter and proof-reader who has written for the major newspapers


  • Academy Class is the new media training company of choice for creatives and developers in UK and beyond.
  • jWeekend is the expert's choice for training in Enterprise Java technology

Team Building and Recruitment

  • Richard Thom is CEO of Simul Fortes. He is a leading recruitment agent and can "magically" find the best candidate for the role.

(*Members of our Partner Network are independent of ElephantPM)