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About Us

ElephantPM was established in 2005 to provide project management and product development services to organizations and individuals creating software products for internal use or for sale.

We specialize in technically difficult work; examples include,

  • The specification of satellite equipment compliance tests for the United Nations LRIT system.
  • Planning a PKI infrastructure project for an international organization
  • The registration system for the second largest UK government website
  • Massively scalable message processing for a reality TV show

Clients may choose to have their projects delivered using their own resources, by our Network Partners, or by a combination of the two. In all cases we will provide the project management services to keep progress visible and the project under control.

ElephantPM is a trading name of Doctor-IT Limited which is registered in England with registration number 5367721 and its registered office at 5 Gordonbrock Road, London, SE4 1JA.